Nationality Saudi Arabia
Gender Male
Type Traveller
Needs From 11 Mar 2020
Needs To 12 May 2020
Needs Internet Yes
Smokes? No
Needs Airport Pickup? No
Okay with Pets Yes

My name is Mohammed, 28 year old, and from Saudi Arabia. I'm coming to Auckland on the 10th of March as traveler, and looking for nice, friendly homestay or flatmate. Little bit about my self, I'm non-smoker, don't drink, and don't prefer to spend late night outside. I do have online courses, so mostly I'm gonna be busy with my stuff. Since I'm associated with digital learning, I found it awesome idea to travel and spend couple months away. My budget is $200/week, and it can be extended to $230/week if the place worth it. The length of staying is approximately 60-90 days. I don't ask for meals or food beside providing a pure drinking water. I like to cook often, and mostly pasta, grilled chicken, and eggs. WiFi or Internet must be available. Also, Planning to join to fitness gym when it's easy to reach. My preferences; living among adults environment who're non-smoker, or smoking outside property. Room contains bed, and desk. Preferred privet bath, but not necessary. That's brief information about my self, please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more.
Thank you