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Deposit $360
Minimum stay 2 weeks
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? No
House has pets? Yes
Available from 03 May 2021
Available to 10 Dec 2021
Guests Workers, Students

We are a professional couple with our 2 older sons still living at home.

4 bedroom home, 1 living area, nice outdoor deck for enjoying a book in the sun. We also have 2 small friendly dogs.

We have a spare room that our daughter sometimes uses when she comes home for time out but most of the time it sits there unused so perfect for someone who is possibly needing short term accommodation while in Auckland for work or study for a set time period.

You will have your own room, spacious modern bathroom (shared with 1 other family member) access to kitchen facilities and there is a washing machine available.
Off-street parking can be discussed if needed.

Bus stop directly outside and 15-minute walk to Pakuranga Mall (Supermarket)


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